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Welcome to DRAGOS WING TSUN.com!

Wing Tsun Self-Defense and Martial Arts for Enthusiasts

On the following pages we will show you how you can get on the way of martial arts towards a better quality of life and a meaningful existence

Dear Martial Arts friend,

Learning a martial art - including Wing Tsun - is a fascinating and multifaceted journey. For those who look for perfection, it is even without a foreseeable end. And that's a good thing, after all nothing is more exciting than to indulge the challenge of internal and external growth. This can be compared to the refining process of a rough diamond finally into a gem. Martial arts are the vehicle on the way there. 

The constant work on the improvement of our capabilities ultimately leads to a meaningful existence, to inner satisfaction and the cultivation of our character. Although this is a journey of martial arts, it is not about violence. It is about self-knowledge, humanity and maturation of a goal. 

The beauty of this martial art is only revealed to those who are willing to get involved with this adventure. It is up to you.

Learning this art can be a way to more harmony and a fuller life. On the following pages I would like to provide first impressions to beginners and, at the same time, provide advanced WT enthusiasts the opportunity to identify ways of learning that will help them to make more of themselves.

I wish you a lot of success on this journey – so that you may be the best that you can be!


Sifu Martin Dragos


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In this section:
● General introduction to martial arts, WingTsun specifically
History, philosophy, main characteristics of the WT-systems
Root systems, classification and styles
● Dimensions of action of martial arts   
Tips for choosing the right school
● Further information for people with previous experience     
Secret cults and similar problems



In this section:
Introducing the DRAGOSWINGTSUN®-System ●
Attack, Defense and Concepts of Emergency ●
Fight Systematics Matrix ●
Principles and Strategy ●
Differences from other Systems ●
Unique features ●



Through eLearning you have the Master in your house! Learn the entire WT system, from the Siu Nim Tao to the famous Bat Cham Dao knife techniques!

In this section:
● eLearning leading to success
● Program modules at glance




Perfect your training and learn from the Master himself!

In this section:
Choosing the right learning strategy ●
Weekend Seminars, Intensive Weeks, Bootcamps and hospitality courses ●
Schedule and Prices ●
Exams ●



Everything about training at the famous wooden man!

In this section:
● Why you should start early with the wooden dummy training
● The purpose of wooden dummy training
● Choosing the right wooden dummy model
● How to recognize a good wooden dummy 
● Wooden dummy Form, home exercises and more



Learn the basics of Classical WT and know DRAGOSWINGTSUN® - FREE!

In this section:
Compact course on the fundamentals of Classical WT ●
Comprehensive basic course on Classical WT in 120 lessons ●
DRAGOSWINGTSUN 1.0-BASICS The Student Program levels 1-4 in over 150 Videos ●
 Articles and much more ●



Find a training center and the right Instructor!

In this section:
● Get to know our partner network to be able to practice what you learned online

● Make training contacts  with other members of our partner schools 




Select products for your training success!
Quality Wooden Dummy from a German master craftsman ●
Long Pole, Books, Video Downloads and Posters ●